Iata fare basis codes

Fare basis, also known as fare codes or fare classes, are the letters or numbers that airlines use to define the rules that are associated with different types of airfares or tickets. You may have noticed a letter in parenthesis on your receipt, that letter is the fare code. What airlines or gate agents can or can't do for you in terms of upgrading you or making changes to your ticket is frequently controlled by the specific codes and fare basis that your ticket is based on.

The airline industry is certainly one industry that learned a long time before others the value of highly specialized pricing algorithms and pricing options. Chances are, you've probably been on an airline flight where the person sitting next to you has paid more or perhaps less than you have, and that's because of these fare basis codes. In addition to dynamic pricing algorithms and strategies, which allow airlines to try and optimize seating prices based on how high the demand is for certain cities, flights, dates, times, and seatsthe airlines have also used different fare basis and fare codes to differentiate all those similar seats on a single plane.

Business travelers can use these codes to understand what's available to them in terms of flight upgrades and to determine whether or not the flight they're on is going to be sold out or full. Also, instead of wasting time waiting in line for customer service, savvy travelers who know how to read the fare basis code can quickly assess whether or not they can get bumped up to a better seat. Fare basis or fare codes are typically identified by a character, and change between airlines.

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However, there are some code characters that remain consistent across airlines. Y is a full fare economy ticket, J and C refer to full fare business class tickets, and F refers to full fare first class tickets. Usually, after the first letter specifying the fare class such as Q or Y is another set of characters.

Deciphering Airline Fare Codes

These follow-on characters usually specify other characteristics of the ticket, such as refundability or minimum stay requirements. Some airlines only have one or two characters such as "YL" while others have more. Your itinerary may contain multiple fare codes if you have numerous flights booked. However, keep in mind that if you have an itinerary made up of multiple fare codes, you may be restricted by the limitations of the most rule-bound portion. It's best to check with your travel agent or airline representative to know for sure and plan accordingly.

Fare codes can also impact how many miles and points you will be awarded on a flight, especially if you are flying with a partner airline. For example a flight that travels 1, miles could only give awards miles or could give 1, awards miles depending on the code of your purchased ticket. Being familiar with your airlines fare codes will also help you maximize your frequent flyer miles.

Because fare codes vary between airlines, and because the perks associated with those fare vary, it's best to familiarize yourself with the codes of your preferred airline. If you're flying on a partner airline, such a member of SkyTeam or Oneworld, be sure to brush up on that airline's fare basis; it may be different that what you're used to.

Written by. David Kelly. David A. Kelly is a business travel writer, member of the American Society of Travel Writers, and author of two children's book series. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Share Pin Email. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us why! Read More.Whichever method you use to construct the fare calculation, you need to know how to include the different items, and which symbols to use.

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Click here to see terms and conditions. Show original. Fare Calculation Symbols and Explanations. Description Whichever method you use to construct the fare calculation, you need to know how to include the different items, and which symbols to use.

Explanation Example Accompanied infant To show an accompanied infant for which no fare is charged. Symbol must follow a city code or the number of stops and come before the amount of the surcharge.


Element must appear after a city code, a queue surcharge, a fare amount, or a right parenthesis. This symbol must be entered after a city code, a mileage surcharge, or a Q surcharge.

Amadeus Training Scenario: Book Flight Itinerary, Create PNR, Price Fare

This entry shows the cities between which the required minimum fare applies, and the amount needed to raise the fare calculation to the minimum applicable fare. It comes after the fare amount and before the amount to add. Add it after the fare amount and before the base fare total.

The System checks that you have entered a valid three-letter currency code or NUC.

iata fare basis codes

It comes before the NUC total or a currency code. Use the letter P to indicate a direct fare undercut in a manual fare calculation. It must appear after the final fare amount and before the rate of exchange, PFC, XTor asterisk for freeflow data. This is a mandatory entry in the calculation line.Have you ever head the phrase 'fare basis code', but don't know what it is?

In our handy guide, we explain what it is and how to figure out which fare basis code you have on your flight ticket. When you buy a plane ticket, there will be a fare basis code assigned to your ticket and seat. This is because the plane cabin is divided up into categories of airfares, each with its own price and rules or features.

These fare basis codes are given a one-letter fare code, the most common being Y, J and F. This means that previously, J class would mean the same fare, regardless of the airline you were flying with.

However, now, they are set by the airlines themselves, meaning each airline can have whatever letter they want for each different fare class.

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Although each airline can set their own rules for each fare basis, generally, the letter of your fare basis will contain information about the price of your ticket, how many airline miles you can obtain by flying, how much flexibility your ticket has changeable or refundable, for example. Unfortunately, each airline uses different letter codes for each ticket type. However, many airlines will use the same letters to mean a similar fare. This means that you can use the following information as a general guide of what you can expect from your fare basis, but it may be best to contact us if you are unsure and want more information.

When you receive your plane ticket, look for the spot that says 'Fare' which is followed or above a letter. This letter will refer to the main fare basis code in the table above. There may also be a combination of other letters or codes next to your fare basis, which will give you an indication of features of your ticket.

The table below provides some examples of these additional codes:. Return One way Multi-city. Flight 1. Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4. Flight 5.Login with Facebook.

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Anyone any idea of how to find out the exact fare basis code on a ba. By fare basis code I mean the 3 to 8 character alphanumeric code that is unique to the fare and its restrictions, for example J2BALCY, not just the fare bucket i. J, D, I, F, A etc. It doesn't seem to be available in manage my booking, nor does it seem to appear on the e-ticket, although it used to be on the e-ticket.

View Public Profile. Find More Posts by nigelw. Try classic. Find More Posts by nux. Originally Posted by nux. Go to MMB, expand the flight section you want to look at, click "more flight information" and the selling class is then shown.

Find More Posts by Physci. Originally Posted by Physci. The OP is asking for the fare basis, not the fare code. I don't think it is displayed through BA. Originally Posted by nigelw. Exactly I'm sure it used to be, or at least on the e-ticket.

It certainly used to be somewhere on ba. Find More Posts by corporate-wage-slave. Last edited by angatol; Feb 28, 15 at pm. Find More Posts by angatol.

Originally Posted by angatol. Jun 21, 14, pm. Because of the way scalping programs work. Not insurmountable, but an annoyance that BA want to make it as difficult as possible to find out what you have actually bought. Find More Posts by callum Originally Posted by callumThere is often much confusion around booking classes and fare basis codes. To make your life easier FlightSiteAgent has put together a fact sheet of all you need to know about understanding fare basis codes and booking classes.

Guide to AA fare basis codes

A fare basis code is an alpha or alpha-numeric code used by airlines to differentiate between the various class types and allows airline staff and travel agents to find the rules applicable to each class. The first letter in that code is the booking class code.

The B is airline specific and could indicate anything from whether it is a return fare to what baggage allowance is allocated to the seat. The letter indicating the booking class is only one in a string of letters and numbers strung together to describe the fare.

Fare codes indicate a variety of things such as:.

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Please note that each airline has its own style for writing codes and the most important thing to understand is the booking class and its set rules. In the past IATA has tried to standardise the use of booking class codes, but over the years airlines have deviated and booking classes are now considered airline specific.

Each booking class has a unique set of fare rules which are determined by the airline and can be very important to your client. If you require any other fare rules you can contact the team for assistance. Often people travel happily without being aware of their booking class, but as a travel agent it is important to know how this works and to provide your client with the relevant information regarding fare rules.

Other fare rules like whether the ticket is upgradeable, changeable or will earn them extra air miles could also be important and worth mentioning — especially if the client provides you with a loyalty programme membership number.

Now that you have all the information you need about flight classes we hope you find booking flights for your clients a quick and hassle-free experience. If you have any further questions, contact info flightsiteagent.

iata fare basis codes

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to identify fare basis codes and booking class codes?

What is the importance of a fare basis code?

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Fare codes indicate a variety of things such as: Whether the fare is refundable The departure points How far in advance it can be booked How many bags you can check for free Cancellation fees One-way or round-trip tickets Routing restrictions or change penalties. In some cases, even the baggage allowance Please note that each airline has its own style for writing codes and the most important thing to understand is the booking class and its set rules. What is the importance of a booking class code?

Where to find the code? Rewards Often people travel happily without being aware of their booking class, but as a travel agent it is important to know how this works and to provide your client with the relevant information regarding fare rules.A fare basis code often just referred to as a fare basis is an alphabetic or alpha-numeric code used by airlines to identify a fare type and allow airline staff and travel agents to find the rules applicable to that fare. Although airlines now set their own fare basis codes, there are some patterns that have evolved over the years and may still be in use.

Fare codes start with a letter called a booking class indicating travel class among other things which almost always matches the letter code that the reservation is booked in. Typically a fare basis will be 3 to 7 characters long, [2] but can be up to 8. The first character of the fare basis code is always a letter, and will almost always match the booking class. For example, a plane may have 25 economy seats still available and the airline may show it in a reservation system as Y7 K5 M4 T6 E3 which indicates how many of each booking class can be reserved.

Some codes cannot be sold by agents, and those seats may be reserved for international connections, loyalty programs, or airline staff relocation. Booking codes were defined by IATA[ citation needed ] but airlines have deviated from the IATA standard and current booking codes are airline-specific. Many airlines use nearly all letters of the alphabet to allow finer yield management.

Nevertheless, certain booking codes have retained the same meaning across most airlines:. Letters and numbers in other sections of the fare basis code may provide the following information:. There is an endless list of other codes on modern fares. These are not standardized in any way, and may often be for short-term use. The following are some examples:. Each published fare basis code corresponds to a fare, which applies to travelling between two cities on a certain airline, with certain restrictions.

Fare construction refers to the application of fares which can cover the flights in the reservation, necessary to price the air ticket for issuance. It is commonly presented as a single line with standardized codes [7] which can be used for travel agents to price the ticket in global distribution systems. For example, a fare construction may say:. Fare construction is a complicated task because each fare comes with a lot of rules regarding the usage, however the rules are designed to be validatable by computers so the system can decide to accept or reject easily.

Most commonly fare construction is done by a computer automatically, but it is not guaranteed that the lowest fares can be found. Due to the above reason, or in case when the automatically-generated fare has some restrictions which the traveller does not want, manual fare construction can also be done, which means finding the suitable fares manually and applying the fares to an itinerary in order to buy a ticket.

It is common for a multi-sector air ticket to have more than one fare basis, particularly if it is for carriage on more than one airline, or different classes of travel are involved.

iata fare basis codes

The issuing airline may often have an interline agreement to allow other airlines on the ticket.This is a list of all airline codes. Historical assignments are also included for completeness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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Kolob Canyons Air Services. Kharkiv Airlines. Kyrgyz Airlines. K D Air Corporation. K S Avia. KLM Helicopter. Kahama Mining Corporation. Kaiser Air. Kalitta Charters II. Kallat El Saker Air Company. Kanaf-Arkia Airlines. Kanfey Ha'emek Aviation. Kansas State University.

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Karibu Airways Company. Karlog Air Charter. Kata Transportation.


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